Boost Your Blogging: Blogathon 2012

Boost Your Blogging: Blogathon 2012

You may remember that last year I participated in Blogathon 2011, hosted by the writer Michelle Rafter.

What exactly is it about? Check out Michelle’s website through one of the links above, but, in essence, it’s a community-based blogging challenge to post every day in the month of May. The aim is to grow your blog in whatever way you want to: write more, find more readers, improve your writing. The goals you set are entirely up to you.

The fun of it is that you’re not alone, there’s a ready-made group of individuals doing the same thing, whom you can learn from and interact with.

Was it hard work? Yes. Not only did I post every day in May, but I also visited other blogs, commented on posts and participated in the Google Group. It took quite a lot of time each and every day for 31 days.

Was it worth it? Absolutely. Through the Blogathon, I:

* Grew my blog readership
* Became more diligent — and adept — at posting
* Learned all sorts of technical and writing tips and tricks
* Established a community with other bloggers
* Was introduced to the online writing critique group I belong to today
* Signed up for a Twitter  account (which was helpful in many ways, too)
* Made friends and found a co-mentor
* Won a prize!

The experience was so worth it in fact that, even though I know I may not be able to post every day this May, I still signed up.

If you’re looking to boost your blog, I encourage you to register.

And let me know here if you do, so I can be sure to add your blog to my RSS feeds — if I haven’t already!



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  1. Do I remember that you did the Blogathon in 2011? Absolutely! That was how I met you! I saw you commenting on a blogathon post over at wordsxo and came to visit your blog. Then you visited mine, and the rest is history. LOL!

    Lisa, I cannot believe we’ve only known each other a year. It seems longer than that (in all the best ways).

    The way you pitch the blogathon (and knowing that I met you, a dear friend, through this event) makes it very tempting for me to consider. But the first week of May I’ll be doing a mini writing retreat (at a B&B in another town) where I’ll be starting a new book. And I’ll be wanting to keep up my momentum on the book after I get home from the retreat. I know I should just stick to that one big goal for May (among the jillions of other things I’m already doing), so reluctantly I won’t be signing on. But you can know that your powers of writing tempted me to the max, so chalk one up for Lisa! ;~)

    • Milli — Yup! I remember meeting you, too — and am so thankful I did! Honestly, all of the people I met was an absolute highlight of Blog2011. I’m sorry you won’t be joining us but wish you a productive, wonderful writer’s retreat! Do hope you can sneak in a read of this and other blogs to add your usual thoughtful comments. 😉

  2. Hi Lisa!

    Would you believe that I have posted five days a week, every week for a year? I have been a year long participant and didn’t know! I believe I’ll be going down to 3 days a week the beginning of May… I’ll have to disqualify myself, but I’ll look forward to your posts!


    • Ann — You are *amazing*! Truly! I can’t believe your blogging stamina and prowess. You’re an inspiration in so many ways. People, if you haven’t already, *do* check out Anne’s blog. Great recipes and conversation are to be found there. :-)

  3. Thanks for drawing my attention to this, Lisa. I’ve signed up. We’ll see where it takes me…!

    • Rachel — I’m so glad you’ve joined Blog2012! I know you’ll find it takes you good places. I so look forward to reading your posts!

  4. Hi Lisa!

    After reading your post, I just couldn’t resist participating in this event. So, I’ve just signed up for Blogathon. I hope I’ll live up to my expectations to post every day and read other blogs at the same time. I now it’s time consuming, but I believe that with good organization I would manage to do all that beside my daily work routine. Looking forward to read your posts every day. :-)

    • Aleks — You’re going to love Blog2012! Yes, it will absolutely take some organization but that’s a skill that can be carried forward into so many things. You can count on me to read your upcoming, sure-to-be-great posts!

  5. Lisa:

    Thanks for the endorsement. Because of your recommendation, a handful of translators have already signed up for the 2012 blogathon – so excited!

    Michelle Rafter

    • Michelle — A pleasure to promote Blogathon 2012! It’s a fabulous event. I hope that apart from translators some of my writing critique group have signed up as well. 😉

  6. It’s tempting. I wonder if I could pull it off this May? Considering. . .

    • Amalia — Yes, yes you can! All of your posts don’t have to be long and detailed; some can be quick thoughts or pictures. Michelle also has several “theme days” lined up to help when inspiration wanes. It would be great to read your posts throughout May, and beyond.

      • Weighing up my May commitments, I won’t be adding Blog-a-Thon to the list– but thanks for the nudge all the same! You’ve inspired me to think about some blog revitalization on a smaller scale, and I look forward to reading your posts.

  7. Dear Lisa,

    Thank you for sharing this info with us. As always, it’s very inspiring, so I just signed up too, in order to revive my dusty blog. I’m currently reworking my whole webiste look & it would be so nice to have a nice & lively blog in there. I hope I’ll make it!

    In any case, I’ll be happy to read you on a daily basis!

    • Lise — Excellent! I’m so glad you registered as I would love to read more posts from you. :-) If you have time between now and May 1, make a bit of a plan and draft some. Oh, and use the theme days Michelle has suggested. You’ll make it!



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