Today is another theme day for Blogathon 2012, when we are encouraged to write or feature haikus in our post.


Squirrels in pine tree
Reminders of childhood home
Lost but for glimpses


Won’t you add your own haiku — in any language — in a comment?



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  1. I love your haiku, such short but vivid description. I guess I would also love the look from your window.

    In order to follow your theme, I wrote about the town where I’m currently living. This is second haiku I have ever written, so be gentle with me. :-)

    A concrete jungle
    with the piece of sky above.
    Life without colors.

  2. My first haiku ever. Thanks for getting me to try it!

    Not within Cooee
    Of where I still wanna be:
    The Lucky Country

  3. Respond in Haiku
    The blogathon brought me here
    Thank you for posting

  4. I was so busy counting syllables that I forgot to add my name above.


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