Last week, Judy and Dagmar Jenner of Translation Times encouraged other translators and interpreters to link to their favorite language blogs and title the post A ♥ for Language Blogs.

Apart from the chance to win a copy of their excellent book, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share six of the many language blogs I follow. Unsurprisingly, you may detect a slight leaning toward one area of translation in particular… 😉

Translationista: This blog by Susan Bernofsky is one of the only purely literary translation blogs I’ve come across. All of Susan’s posts are thought-provoking.

Teresa Carbajal Ravet: Teresa’s tag line says it all: “Your bilingual connection to the Spanish culture.” There is always something of interest here, from book and TV reviews, to thoughts on being bicultural, to resources of interest.

Many Words for Welcome: I’ve mentioned Wendy Call here before. What I like most about Wendy’s blog is that she comes at translation from a writing perspective.

Marian Schwartz: If you love literary translation and haven’t heard of Marian Schwartz already, I’d be surprised. A preeminent translator from the Russian, Marian mostly uses her blog to announce recent works, but you’ll also hear if she’s giving workshops or talks. If any happen to be in your area, I highly recommend going as Marian has a wealth of experience to share.

Three Percent: Though not a translator himself (that I’m aware of — someone please correct me if I’m wrong!), Chad Post is the champion of literature in translation. Editor of Open Letter Books, in his posts you’ll find anything and everything to do with publishing in general and this niche in particular. And you just have to love his irreverent writing style.

Words Without Borders: This online magazine is focused entirely on international literature. I read each month’s publications with glee, transported to different worlds through magnificent works in translation.

Are you posting A ♥ for Language Blogs? Include the link to your post in a comment! If not, have you read any of these blogs? Maybe you have other literary translation blogs to share? Please do…