OK, I’ve done it: I’ve signed up to participate in Blogathon 2011! I’m excited, but must admit that a slight sweat is now breaking out on my brow as I consider what I’ve just committed to.

First things first, though. What is this Blogathon thing?

It’s an endeavor that writer Michelle Rafter began back in 2008 via her own blog, Word Count, in which “…writers and bloggers commit to posting every day in the month of May.”

Now why would anyone want to give themselves the extra work of doing that (because believe me, posting on a blog every day could be a full-time job in and of itself)?! I pondered this very question long and hard before signing up, and here are my top three reasons:

* I want to offer thoughts and concrete information on literary translation, writing, reading and the creative freelance life.

* I want to be more disciplined about posting regularly and I hope that doing so day after day for one month will establish a bit of a habit.

* I want to reach more readers and thereby build a stronger community.

It would be wonderful to have you along on the journey, so please do participate by reading my posts and leaving a comment, offering your take whenever a topic strikes you.

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