You may remember that last year I participated in Blogathon 2011, hosted by the writer Michelle Rafter.

What exactly is it about? Check out Michelle’s website through one of the links above, but, in essence, it’s a community-based blogging challenge to post every day in the month of May. The aim is to grow your blog in whatever way you want to: write more, find more readers, improve your writing. The goals you set are entirely up to you.

The fun of it is that you’re not alone, there’s a ready-made group of individuals doing the same thing, whom you can learn from and interact with.

Was it hard work? Yes. Not only did I post every day in May, but I also visited other blogs, commented on posts and participated in the Google Group. It took quite a lot of time each and every day for 31 days.

Was it worth it? Absolutely. Through the Blogathon, I:

* Grew my blog readership
* Became more diligent — and adept — at posting
* Learned all sorts of technical and writing tips and tricks
* Established a community with other bloggers
* Was introduced to the online writing critique group I belong to today
* Signed up for a Twitter  account (which was helpful in many ways, too)
* Made friends and found a co-mentor
* Won a prize!

The experience was so worth it in fact that, even though I know I may not be able to post every day this May, I still signed up.

If you’re looking to boost your blog, I encourage you to register.

And let me know here if you do, so I can be sure to add your blog to my RSS feeds — if I haven’t already!



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