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Your materials must have all of the i’s dotted and t’s crossed if it is to be trusted.

We refine your online and print materials to create flawless text:

  • With stylistic editing, we help clarify meaning and smooth overall expression.
  • With copyediting, we fix style, grammar, spelling and punctuation.


The difference between the right word and the nearly right word is the same as the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.
~ Mark Twain

A good editor is there to help you see what you cannot, when you’ve grown too close to the text.

We make sure your message conveys precisely what it needs to, so you can reach your intended audience.

Whether you’re intending to reach one audience in one language or ready to start communicating with a whole new audience in another language, we have a wealth of experience and expertise to help you succeed.

We offer consulting to help you determine and maximize the following:

  • Your message, from tone and voice to content
  • Market insight and recommendations
  • Cultural considerations
  • Translation approaches, including language variants and resource management (style guide, terminology, glossary)

Let us help you speak to –and be understood by– your intended audience, here or abroad.


You cannot afford to be lost in translation.

We use highly-skilled, human translators with years of experience and areas of expertise that match your needs.

We approach each assignment as a communication project, to ensure that your message and your brand are conveyed in the new language.


Have you ever read a sign or menu while traveling that is utterly baffling, hilariously funny, or both?

Handmade Humburger
Welcome to be us!
Containing-void Pavilion

We assure you something like that will never happen when you use Intralingo. We use only highly-skilled human translators and, more importantly, we focus on the art of good writing.

The way we see it, translation is the act of rewriting, recreating your text in another language. We study your text in detail to capture not only content and meaning, but also the style in which it was written.

Your audience is our first priority. We produce well-written texts to ensure they are never lost in translation.

We appreciate Intralingo’s hard work and dedication to our Spanish sites.

Marketing Manager, Luxury Hotel Brand

If I ever have any Spanish translation needs, Intralingo is definitely the first place I call. It is an absolute pleasure to work with them.
Project Manager, Luxury Hotel Brand

Lisa is an extremely accomplished translator with a clear dedication to raising the bar in the translation industry. Her professionalism and her approachable nature make her a pleasure to work with.

Martin Boyd, Manager, Dialogos Intercultural Services

Intralingo provides excellent customer service. The quality of work has been outstanding and very reliable, making things easy for me as the client. I highly recommend Intralingo.

Veronica Sánchez

Lisa goes the extra mile, suggesting creative solutions to ensure accuracy and timely delivery. She is a master of her trade and a valuable resource to our team.

Marie Josée Charland, Senior Manager, Translation Services, Scotiabank

I recommend Lisa Carter’s services because she has great customer service skills (attentive, fast, professional, etc.) and also because I have found her translations more accurate than other certified translators.

Edu Graillet

Lisa is responsive, professional and her work is superior. I highly recommend her.

A. Naomi Nind, Partner, Parlee McLaws LLP