Next Session Begins: Monday, February 6, 2017 (then April 3, June 5 & September 11)

Are you starting out in literary translation? Are you nervous that you’re not capturing all of the aspects of style and voice in an author’s work? Do you need feedback on your work so you can feel more confident about it? Then this course is for you!

We will study various elements of style, using examples from a number of well-known English authors. You will also translate a short piece of your choosing, putting everything we learn directly into practice and getting feedback on your work.

You will learn how to study your author’s work and then capture that style in translation with confidence:

  • What style or voice consist of
  • A process to determine all aspects of it
  • Approaches to capturing style and voice in translation

BONUS materials include:
* Recommended Resource Material

ATA CE Points: 5


I feel that now I see very differently the function that vocabulary and syntax have in a text. Before, I could spot their positions in the text to help me comprehend their meaning, but now I understand their function more deeply, which helped me comprehend the whole meaning of the text on a deeper level to the point of recognizing even the most subtle intention of an author.Sandra Cravero

I am grateful to my stars for having found this course. From the first email I wrote in order to inquire a bit more about it, Lisa made me feel quite at ease and encouraged to sign up. And I am indeed beholden to her and my fellow participants for all I learned from their comments and support. -Ricardo

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