It’s the festive season in Canada, and I’m busily baking, cooking and visiting — in and amongst work, of course. 😉 With so much going on, I’ll be taking a blog break from now until the first week of January. However, so as not to leave you without reading material in the meantime, here’s a roundup of a few things I thought you might like!

Holiday Post

I wrote an essay called Memories of Christmas Past in Canada’s North for Milliver’s Travels. I’d love to hear what you think in a comment there.

Ten Best Posts of 2011

In case you missed them before, here are my ten most popular posts from 2011:

* Thoughts on Transcreation

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* How to Get Published as a Literary Translator

* 5 Books on My Shelf

* Are you a writer?

* A Page from my Notebook

* A Name is a Name. Right?

* 3 Questions from Aspiring Literary Translators

* International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award Nominee

* Dialogue Markers

Quarterly Newsletter

The first issue of my quarterly newsletter will be going out on Wednesday, December 21. Among other things, I set out what you can expect from me next year, offer links to a few not-to-be-missed articles on literary translation, and raffle two copies of my award-nominated translation, The Einstein Enigma by José Rodrigues Dos Santos. If you haven’t yet, sign up here!

Until the New Year, then, I wish you a wonderful holiday season in the company of family and friends!