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  • Book coaching, to take you from idea to manuscript
  • Local and international market considerations
  • Literary translation approaches, rights and responsibilities

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I believe that it is my job not only to write books but to have them published. A book is like a child. You have to defend the life of a child.
— George Konrád

We couldn’t agree more with Mr. Konrád. But we also know that getting published is no easy feat, in any language.

We have over twenty years of experience in international translation and publishing, and will share it all to help you achieve your goals.

We refine your manuscript to create flawless text. Our editing services range from looking at the big picture to the smallest detail. (All in English, Spanish, Portuguese or French!)

  • With substantive editing, we suggest and draft improvements to content and structure.
  • With stylistic editing, we help clarify meaning and smooth overall expression.
  • With copyediting, we fix style, grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Tell us a little about your project, including genre, page and word count, what type of editing is needed, and attach a short sample so we can provide an estimate.


Four basic premises of writing: clarity,
brevity, simplicity, and humanity.
-William Zinsser

Editing should be a collaborative process, not an adversarial one.

We believe a good editor is there to help you see what you cannot, when you’ve grown too close to the text.

Our aim is to do precisely what Zinsser suggests: help tighten and clarify your work, yet ensure it still sounds like you throughout.

We recreate your text in another language, capturing not only content and meaning, but also the style in which it was written. With the reader as our first priority, and the author as the guide, we produce well-written prose that reflects every aspect of the original. Let us help you with:

  • Traditionally-published books
  • Self-published books
  • Foreign rights and submission packages
  • Author websites
  • Media kits

Tell us a little about you and your project, including page length and word count, and attach a short sample so we can provide you with a quote.


Have you ever read something and just known it was a translation? It sounds a little off, a bit awkward, more like “translationese”?

That doesn’t happen at Intralingo because we focus on the art of good writing.

The way we see it, translation is the act of rewriting, recreating your text in another language. We study your text in detail to capture not only content and meaning, but also the style in which it was written.

With the reader as our first priority, we produce well-written prose that reflects every aspect of the original.

We give your book new life in another language with this full-service package. We’re here to work hand-in-hand as your translation and editing partner, sharing our more than two decades of knowledge and experience at every step along the way.

  • Translation & editing
  • Design & file conversion
  • Book blurb & author bio
  • Promotion

Tell us a little about you and your book, including page length and word count, and attach a short sample. We will then be in touch to outline how we can help you reach a new audience.


Lisa, your translation brings great precision—precision and charm—to my work.

Pablo De Santis, Author

Lisa Carter is an exceptionally versatile translator, capable of rendering a variety of texts into dazzling English. I recommend her highly.

Christina Morgan, Editor, formerly with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Traviesa has published Lisa’s translations of stories by Hernán Vanoli, Giovanna Rivero, and Fabián Casas. Her translations are impressive not only because they are efficiently and meticulously rendered, but because she truly manages to maintain the writer’s tone—whether humorous, dramatic, or slangy—in each story. She is such a versatile writer that her translated texts read with the same fluidity and style as their originals.

Rodrigo Fuentes and Rodrigo Hasbún, Editors

There is nothing more satisfying than reading our work in another language and recognizing our voice, and ourselves, through the translation. I know when I hand a manuscript to Lisa that she will birth my work again and will deliver a twin child of the original text. She has an amazing command of the Spanish language and culture and I feel fortunate to be able to reach my English speaking readers with her help.

Maria de Lourdes Victoria, Author

First of all, Lisa, thank you for a fantastic job. A translator is also a novelist and your quality surely has an impact on the quality of the translated novel.

José Rodrigues Dos Santos, Author

The translation is excellent. The English matches the swift, whimsical, and somewhat surreal tone of the adventure.

Michael Signorelli, Editor, HarperCollins

When I searched for an experienced Spanish language translator, Lisa Carter’s name kept coming up. Since we began working on a project together several months ago, I have been impressed by Lisa’s professionalism, expertise and depth of knowledge of international publishing. She is easy to work with, very responsive, hard-working and an excellent communicator. I heartily recommend Lisa to authors, experts and business professionals.

Martha Bullen, Bullen Publishing Services

Lisa Carter’s translation of my novel, The House of Impossible Loves, is truly beautiful. She knew just how to capture the soul of my story, the sense behind each of my words: their musicality, taste, aroma. To me, the novel has taken on a new life in the English language, thanks to Lisa’s literary sensibilities.

Cristina López Barrio, Author

I know many professionals but only a few who invest such passion and commitment in their work that it becomes something greater. That’s precisely what I found with Lisa: professionalism, passion and commitment.

Rodrigo Vidal, Writer