New Year, New Contributors, More for You
By Lisa Carter, Intralingo Inc.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Apologies for the lack of posts lately, but I promise I was hard at work preparing what I hope will be more and better content for you in 2015.

Since 2010, I’ve made this blog a focus of what Intralingo offers, and have received incredible feedback. So many translators, in so many countries have expressed their appreciation for the knowledge and encouragement I share here. Growing this community of like-minded people, interested in translation and writing, has been a joy and a privilege. But I have to admit: it has also been a tremendous amount of work.

I found it hard last year to keep up with regular, useful, meaningful posts. I had tons of ideas and drafts, but not nearly enough time to finalize and publish them. So this year I’ve brought a few people on board to help. Working as a team, we’ll be able to offer you more articles, differing perspectives and a wider range of topics. I’m truly excited.

Here’s who you’ll be hearing from in the coming weeks and months:

Intralingo, Lara HarmonLara Harmon, Editorial Assistant
“I’ve been interested in other languages and cultures ever since I was a teenager. Back then, U.S. publishers were just starting to release translations of Japanese comics, or manga, and I was fascinated by their depiction of a culture I knew little about. Different schools, different food, different traditions! I taught myself basic Japanese so I could learn more, and I’ve been teaching myself languages ever since. I learned German to better understand friends I first met online, and now I’m working on Spanish and ASL. I’m thrilled to be working with Lisa and Intralingo, because I know firsthand how much works in translation can change lives and broaden minds.”

Intralingo, Stacy McKennaStacy McKenna, Contributor
“When I was accepted into the MFA program in English and Creative Writing at Mills College in Oakland, California, I had no idea I’d leave with a life-long interest in literary translation. I attribute this transformation to the talented and passionate professors I had at Mills and abroad in Mexico. Their enthusiasm for literature, language and translation was contagious, and I’ve been fortunate to have had many opportunities to share my own enthusiasm for the same subjects while working at non-profit organizations, community colleges, foreign universities, and now as a regular contributor at Intralingo. I’ve admired Lisa Carter’s site and have shared it with my students, colleagues, and other fans of languages and literature. I look forward to connecting with even more professionals and inviting in new graduates and young professionals to contribute to the conversation on Intralingo.”

Christiana Hills, IntralingoChristiana Hills, Contributor
“I’ve always loved reading and writing, so when I started studying French in high school, I was immediately drawn to literary translation. You might say I’ve never looked back! My passion is for experimental writing that seeks to create literature in new ways, such as the works of the OuLiPo. I feel fortunate to be entering the translation scene at a time when it is really beginning to flourish in the U.S. I am so excited to join the Intralingo team as a contributor and to share my love for the world of literary translation!”

Like I said: this so exciting!

My newsletter, A Word to the Wise, will also be expanding, so do sign up if you haven’t already. Upcoming topics both here and there will include finding time to translate, studying literary translation, publishing excerpts of your work, finding grants, collaborating on translations, and much, much more…

But remember: you’re an integral part of this blog, too. We want to hear from you about the topics we raise, in the form of comments or on social media. Plus, your contributions are always welcome, in the form of a Spotlight feature, guest post or article, as a question we can use for a Readers Ask post or some other creative way we haven’t thought of yet but you have. Get in touch with Lara or with me at any time!