First Steps in Literary Translation


This course is for translators who aspire to make literary translation work part of their career. We will look at the industry today and what it takes on a personal and professional level to succeed.

Instructor: This course is entirely self-directed, following tailor-made materials written by award-winning literary translator Lisa Carter.

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Class Size: One (You!)

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The eight lessons in this course will cover the following:
1. What exactly is literary translation?
2. The current realities of literary translation
3. Opportunities in literary translation
4. What do the current realities and opportunities mean for you?
5. Crafting a professional literary CV
6. Tips to succeed as a literary translator
7. Your next steps in literary translation
8. Highly recommended reading

BONUS Materials:
* List of post-secondary studies in literary translation
* List of professional literary translation associations
* Sources of publishing industry news
* List of highly recommended reading

By the end of this course, you will:
• Appreciate the breadth of what constitutes literary translation and what areas most interest you
• Understand the current realities and opportunities in literary translation, and what these might mean to you
• Recognize key elements to include in a literary CV and how to craft your own
• Develop an awareness of the skills and attitudes needed to succeed as a literary translator
• Become familiar with various ways to grow as a professional literary translator


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