A Thursday morning reflection on things I am thankful for:

* Blogathon 2011. No doubt about it! What an amazing month May was… I met my goal, posting every day, and have no intention of stopping now. So many lovely, interesting, talkative people have visited my site and joined in the conversation; let’s keep it going!

The thanks go primarily to Michelle Rafter of Word Count who organizes this event every year. I’ve been a faithful reader of Michelle’s posts for the last couple of years but only this year braved the Blogathon. It has been such a rewarding experience that you can be sure I’ll sign up again next year! Won’t you join me?

Over this past month, I have met some incredible bloggers through their pages. I’m going to roll Thankful Thursday and Link Love all into one today because I just have to share their work with you. I’ve signed up for all of their feeds and encourage you to do the same:

Tia Bach’s Depression Cookies

Kristi Bernard’s The Neophyte Writer

Sheila Callahan

Pavithra Kodmad’s Pages

Alison Law’s Lawthenticity

Liz Sheffield’s Motherlogue

Lisa Tabachnik Hotta’s Kids and Mental Health

Laura Tokie’s In My Little Town

Jan Udlock’s Imp3rfect Mom

Jennifer Willis

Oh, and don’t forget the ones I featured here on writing, here on food and here on travel for the past three weeks. I know, it’s a lot of reading, but it’s worth it. 😉

What are you grateful for today? Do share your thanks/thoughts/links in a comment…

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