I’m so pleased to have been invited by Roz Morris, author, editor & explorer of storycraft, to participate in a feature on her site called Found in translation: three literary translators share tips and secrets.

Here are just a couple of the gems shared by my fellow interviewees:

Rachel Ward @fwdtranslations

Being able to adapt to a writer’s style is just as important as conveying the meaning.

Alison Layland @alisonlayland

The voice develops as I translate (and often the early chapters need more revision). It can be quite different from your own voice, but again, your writer’s voice changes between different novels and stories.

Now head on over and read the full piece on Roz’s site!

Did anything Rachel, Alison or I say resonate with you? What do you think of the comparison to us being chameleons? 




Lisa Carter is an acclaimed Spanish>English translator. Her work has won the Alicia Gordon Award for Word Artistry in Translation and been nominated for an International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. Lisa offers translation, editing and professional development services through her company, Intralingo Inc.