I received an email this morning from Corinne McKay of Thoughts on Translation that reminded me of two things that may be of interest to you as well:

1. Alicia Gordon Award for Word Artistry in Translation

“ATA invites nominations for the 2012 Alicia Gordon Award for Word Artistry in Translation. This award has been established in memory of Alicia Gordon, known for creating imaginative solutions to knotty translation problems based on rigorous research. The award was established by Alicia’s sister, Dr. Jane Gordon, and award funds are administered by the American Foundation for Translation and Interpretation (AFTI).”

Translators working between (from or to) English and Spanish or French are eligible to apply. Deadline for submissions is June 8, 2012.

2. Translate in the Townships

“Translate in the Townships is a three-day master class in writing for premium market translators. It is the successor to the popular “Translate in the Catskills” event held in Maplecrest, New York, in 2009 and 2011.”

There are two tracks, one focusing on translations into French and the other into English. Though my knowledge of French dates back to high school, I still found the into English track incredibly useful when I attended in 2011. This year’s event will be held August 19–22, 2012, Estrimont Suites & Spa, Orford, Quebec. Early bird registration ends July 31.