Fall’s here in the northern hemisphere and it’s like the start of a brand new year. I’ve got several events coming up in September and October, and it feels like they’re the start of more things to come here at Intralingo.

Consider this an open invitation to attend one or more of the following — I’d love to see you there!


K1N is a new literary journal based at the University of Ottawa and it launches on September 12, 2012, 5-8 pm, Room 509, Arts Hall, 70 Laurier Avenue East, Ottawa. I will be attending, reading from my award-nominated translation, The Einstein Enigma.


It has been a couple of years since I attended the Annual ATA Conference, but I’ll be there this year, October 24-27, 2012, in San Diego. I’m proud to be presenting two sessions:

L-4 Defining Writing Style
Thursday, 3:45pm-5:00pm; Intermediate; Presented in: English

As translators, we must capture not only words and the meaning behind them, but the style in which the original work was written. In this session, we will examine the elements that constitute style, from vocabulary to sentence construction to cultural and author idiosyncrasies. Participants will follow a process to determine specific elements of style in an English text.

L-5 The Einstein Enigma: A Case Study in Literary Translation
Friday, 2:00pm-3:15pm; All Levels; Presented in: English

The Einstein Enigma, the English translation of a novel by José Rodrigues Dos Santos, was nominated for the 2012 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, but took an unusual route to get there. This session will discuss how a book written in Portuguese was translated into Spanish with some edits, then translated into English with further edits. We will look at the specific aspects that were adapted for each new market and the reasoning behind those adaptations.


As a sneak preview (because it’s still a ways away) I’ll also be presenting a webinar with eCPD on January 17, 2013:

Elements of Style
Translation is writing and writing is all about style. In this webinar, we will look at various types of documents and why style matters in each of them. We will identify various elements that contribute to style in a given text and we will discuss considerations when deciding whether to adhere more closely to the source or target language writing style. All examples will be in English.

I am *so* excited about all of these events. If you are able to join me at one or more of them, do introduce yourself. I’d truly love to meet you in person.